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Scientists Wanted!

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Scientists who can demonstrate knowledge of the Life Sciences; Physical Sciences; Earth, Environmental, and Atmospheric Sciences; and
Living and Non-Living Systems, that is.

The Licensing Office has recently come across a number of transcripts that do not indicate that the candidate for the secondary science license has completed the necessary coursework in these four areas. While we acknowledge that there is more to a candidate’s preparation than what is revealed on a transcript, we want to emphasize the importance of conducting a thorough transcript review of post-baccalaureate or graduate level candidates who may be entering your program.

What should you be looking for? Candidates who are seeking a recommendation in science need:

  • Breadth: Coursework in physics, chemistry, biology, and earth/environmental science. (Note: Candidates’ coursework needs to be in these departments, not a related field.)
  • Depth: A major in biology, chemistry, physics, or earth/environmental/atmospheric sciences, or the equivalent in undergraduate and/or graduate coursework.  (NOTE: The equivalent of a major is defined as a compilation of at least thirty (30) credit hours in the specified major field from accredited/approved institution(s), at least nine (9) of which shall be advanced undergraduate courses or higher.)
  • Mastery: Academic competence as attested by an overall B average, and a B average in field of major studies as defined by the institution, or written certification of intellectual competence by an academic dean. (NOTE: The Licensing Office will not accept a grade lower than a C in a course.)

We should also alert programs that the same set of concerns has come up with social studies candidates. Please don’t hesitate to contact us when you have questions when reviewing a candidate’s transcript; Anne Bordonaro is available to offer her wisdom at

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