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Educator Quality Welcomes Nancy Reid!



Selfie in our new office in Barre!

My name is Nancy Reid and I am the new ROPA Program Liaison for the Vermont Agency of Education. I have worn a number of different hats in Vermont education. I taught in grades 1 – 8 in central Vermont for over 30 years – mostly in Randolph Elementary School. I have been on the ROPA Design Team for many years and through a number of its revisions. I was a member and chair of the Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators  (VSBPE). Finally I am now teaching part time in a local teacher preparation program. 

Wearing my new hat, I will be supporting the 17 different teacher preparation programs in the state as they prepare for ROPA accreditation. This support comes in many forms; from helping create and train visiting teams, helping programs with their Institutional Portfolios and during the visit itself. This is role is complicated now as we are in the process of revising the ROPA process, manual and Level 1 Licensure Portfolio to align with the Core Teaching and Leadership Standards and the new endorsement competencies. I like to think that the challenges presented in  designing these revisions are actually opportunities:opportunities to integrate the most current research regarding teacher preparation and student learning into Vermont’s  program accreditation process, opportunities to rethink the Level 1 Licensure Portfolio to find ways to assess candidate performance during student teaching in a way that is transparent and fair. It is also an opportunity for me to get to know the players in Vermont’s teacher preparation programs so I can learn from you and support you and your programs.

Stay tuned for changes. The educator preparation blog is a great place to get updated information. In the meantime, feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns at

2 thoughts on “Educator Quality Welcomes Nancy Reid!

  1. Welcome Nancy. I also taught for 33 years mostly at Berlin Elementary School. I am now the Director of Teacher Education at UVM. I look forward to working wth you. I know that we have met at various meetings.

  2. That is fabulous news, Nancy! Cheers all around:)

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